Computer science

The field of computer science is one of the most formative scientific fields of the present and has undergone a remarkable development, especially in recent decades. In the middle of the last century, the researchers and developers were still confronted with huge computing machines and dealt with highly complex, logical-mathematical programming languages. Nowadays it is even possible to create complete websites using a smartphone. Those who want to be involved in the development of the world of tomorrow will get a perfect start with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Computer Science – From the Z3 to the Mac

Of course, it is arguable when the history of computer science begins. The first calculating machines are already in the Middle Ages and make it possible to automate basic mathematical processes. In the early modern period, among others Blaise Pascal and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz developed devices that dominated the basic arithmetic. Leibniz also uses the binary system to develop the mathematical basis for computer science. But it was only in the 20th century that electronic devices were created that can perform complex calculations. As the first computer, the Z3 from the German developer Conrad Zuse applies from the year 1941. In addition to mathematical operations he was already able to store 64 words.

From this point on, the further development accelerates. If electronic tubes were first used as a switching element in the Z3, they were replaced over time by increasingly powerful components. Finally, with the invention of microprocessors, the modern computer age began in the 1980s.

The importance of computer science

Neither smartphone nor tablet, digital camera, game console or home PC are conceivable without the work of computer scientists. They design the basic technical function of the devices. They write the software that is tailored to the specific needs of the respective system architecture. And they ensure through regular updates and revisions that the program code has no errors, gaps are closed and new developments are taken into account. Several decades after the microprocessors began their triumph, the fields of application of computer science are omnipresent due to the increasing networking and automation of our everyday lives. From network technology to application software to machine code, there are countless areas of application. In addition to consumer electronics, the demand is high, especially in the merchandise management and in production. And even the extremely complex and high-speed processes of financial transactions would simply be impossible without the help of computer scientists. Best prospects for students who are interested in numbers, an understanding of logic and technical expertise.

The study of computer science

Computer science studies at a university or college offer an interesting and diverse career perspective. Whether it’s researching and developing new programs to visualize construction projects, improving automated commercial trading systems or developing artificial intelligence, today computer scientists are in demand in almost every social, cultural and industrial field.

Diploma, Bachelor and Master

Computer science can be studied on a diploma, but also as a bachelor’s degree or as a continuing master’s program. Before the decision to

However, study should be clear that the computer is in principle only a tool for computer scientists. Therefore, the English name of computer science as “computer science” in a direct translation into German is somewhat misleading.

Those who think that studying computer science only because of its computer affinity will probably be disappointed in many courses. Without basic analytical and mathematical knowledge neither a degree program nor a successful final thesis is realistic. Computer scientists often deal with abstract topics, which only later find concrete application. It teaches the logical rules and the mathematical prerequisites that allow problems to be identified and solved.

In contrast to this rather abstract study content are those subjects that are dedicated to applied computer science. These include bioinformatics and business informatics.

Anyone who needs help in their studies or writing their master’s or bachelor’s thesis can fall back on study groups and tutorials. In these, experienced students or scientific assistants give tips and instructions for studying. And if it does not go any further, you can still turn to a professional.

The final thesis in computer science

Every university requires a thesis at the end of their studies. Here, the students prove their ability to master and apply the content and the acquired methodological knowledge of the subject. The most important step here is the selection of the topic. Too general or long-winded, there is a risk that the student will make long declarations and lose sight of the core of his work. The further the problem is limited, the more manageable the available material becomes. The selection of the right topic should therefore be done wisely. It determines the selection of the literature and the preparation of the structure of the work as well as all further steps of the literature search.