Snobbish, snooty and arrogant: early on, law students learn that they are associated with a whole range of negative stereotypes. To what extent they apply, is an open question. But law school is still considered the guarantor of a steep career and a well-paid job. Equally high are the requirements before and after the state examination and just as great is the pressure on the students.

Law in state and society

Admittedly, jurisprudence is also changing. Maybe not as fast as in other areas, but quite noticeable. Nevertheless, there is still a high demand for qualified graduates who work in all areas of legal disputes. Important is the specialization. Generalists are hardly in demand today. Experts for the various specialist areas, however, still. Especially globalization and digitization have grown strongly in recent years.

Moreover, the influence of law on the state, its politics and society can hardly be overlooked. Not only the elected politicians come for the most part from the ranks of lawyers, especially in the administration, the ministries and offices, a law degree is a prerequisite for a career.

Law studies and career prospects

If you want to study law, you will not miss the Numerus Clausus (NC). The program is one of the top three in Germany. Especially universities with a good reputation or at popular study places like Berlin or Dusseldorf have a relatively high entry level. At smaller universities, the hurdle is much lower. Once the place has been secured, prospective lawyers, having acquired the basic knowledge of undergraduate studies, can choose their focus from a variety of political, technical and economic areas of law. The choice should be well considered, as it determines significantly the further career path. After graduation, the state examination is followed by a kind of matriculation examination. Only then does the former student become a full-fledged lawyer, judge or civil servant.

Write legal texts

The writing of chores requires, in addition to the legal expertise, a range of skills that are often not sufficiently available during the study. For example, the right balance between “known” and “knowing where it is” is required. In the case of legal or jurisprudential questions, it is first of all necessary to clarify which legal bases are suitable for the present case. Only when these are sufficiently clarified and understood in their interaction, it can go to the argumentation.

What makes law so complicated is the fact that no sophisticated legal system can cover all conceivable cases. However, since the case law should have no gaps, the actual content of the laws must be clarified on a case-by-case basis. For practically every law, therefore, there are a number of comments, judgments and additions that have to be taken up in a thesis. Especially in the first semesters, students are literally beaten to death by the sheer mass of text that they have to internalize in no time at all. If study groups and fellow students do not help anymore, maybe professionals will do it.

Help from the ghostwriter in the law department

If you need help creating legal texts, you can always contact one of our ghostwriters. They are accustomed to working quickly and accurately, to find up-to-date judgments and to include them in the case analysis. Legal ghostwriters are discreet and create bachelor and master theses according to their client’s specifications. And in the state examination, she can with help and advice to the side. So they help precisely at the focal points where there is no time for a repetition and their customers lack time, nerves or specific expertise.

Ghostwriters are specialists in their focus and can therefore provide assistance right from the start. As an accomplished professional, a ghostwriter can answer all questions completely while writing legal texts. Once the paperwork has been completed, professional proofreading can help the prospective graduate to achieve further success.

Universities and Degree Programs – More than Gray Theory

As one of the classical subjects of university education, Jura enjoys a high popularity. Due to the great demand, however, the numberus clausus is set accordingly and the particularly popular universities require not only an outstanding high school diploma but also other qualifications such as internships or voluntary work. In addition, the study is extremely intensive learning, which is reflected in the demolition rate.

Reward for all the effort is a job in the court, in a law firm or in the legal department of medium to large companies. Depending on the degree and specialization varies the salary, but is usually well above the national average.